Tuesday, September 22, 2009

That Was Only Yesterday

Formed in 1967 Spooky Tooth was one of the few English blues/prog groups of the time with double keyboards - piano and organ - which played a key role in their distinctive sound. The group disbanded in 1974 after several personnel changes with members going on to play with Mott The Hoople, Humble Pie and Stealers Wheel.

It's most famous offspring was organist/vocalist Gary Wright who went on to a hugely successful solo career and is best remembered for the synth-laden hit "Dream Weaver".

In 1969, Spooky Tooth issued their second album aptly titled Spooky Two, reagrded as the best LP they ever issued. I recently purchased Spooky Tooth - Lost In My Dream - An Anthology 1968-1974 an excellent overview of their discography. I highly recommend it. Anyway, it made me go looking for video performances by the group. Here, from their second album, is a 1969 TV performance of That Was Only Yesterday...

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