Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Charlie Watts To March To Beat Of Different Drum


On September 5, the source for this story backtracked and a story confirming Charlie Watts WAS NOT leaving the Stones was published by

It's being reported today that Charlie Watts is packing it in as a Rolling Stone. If true, the departure of the 68 year-old "Wembley Whammer" will leave the remaining Stones shattered.

Watts is the original and only drummer for the Stones and together with original band mate and bass player Bill Wyman contributed to the greatest rhythm section in rock and roll.

Wikipedia relates a famous anecdote about Watts. the mid-1980s, an intoxicated Jagger phoned Watts's hotel room in the middle of the night asking where "his drummer" was. Watts reportedly got up, shaved, dressed in a suit, put on a tie and freshly shined shoes, descended the stairs and punched Jagger in the face, saying: "Don't ever call me your drummer again. You're my fucking singer!"

Here's a glimpse of Charlie at work on Monkey Man...


  1. Great anecdote! And looking at the pictures of him then and now I have to say, he's hardly changed. A bit less hair, and the remaining hair is much grayer. Plus his face has a lot of lines in it. Plus he's apparently grown much larger, since in the early shot the drums seem to dwarf him. And he used to dress like an adult but now dresses like a teen.

    Are you sure that's him?

  2. Yeah that's him. I think Bill Wyman had the right idea, retiring from the Stones when he did. As they continue to tour, the rest are silly caricatures of themselves.