Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't Touch Me There

In the early 70s a bunch of transplanted musicians from Arizona got together in San Fransisco to form an odd little collective called The Tubes. Their self-titled first album was produced by Al Kooper and contained the absurd anthem White Punks On Dope. The song and the album would set the stage for what was to come.

Lead singer Fee Waybill (an alias) led the group through elaborate live concert performances that cost a pretty penny to produce. But expensive or no, they resulted in the Tubes garnering a reputation as the best live rock act ever.

Throughout their career their producers included the aforementioned Kooper, Todd Rundrgren and, wait for it, David Foster.

It was their second album, Young and Rich in 1976, produced by Ken Scott that yielded my favourite Tubes recording Don't Touch Me There. The song was arranged by Jack Nitzsche. Here's a live performance from 1979.

If you're interested in what The Tubes are up to today visit their website.

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