Saturday, September 19, 2009

Off Beat - Cocktails For Two

Spike Jones was a wacky musician who led a band called the City Slickers in the 40s and 50s. His satirical covers of popular songs garnered him a huge following. He was kind of like the Al Yankovic of his day. In fact, Weird Al has cited him as a significant influence. He's also said to have influenced such artists as Frank Zappa, the Beatles and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.

He was a master of many mediums: records, radio and television. He wrote and recorded a tune in 1942 for a Disney award-winning movie that was originally banned - Der Fuehrer's Face.

For me, one of his most memorable songs was perhaps Cocktails For Two. Wikipedia explains:

The romantic ballad "Cocktails for Two", originally written to evoke an intimate romantic rendezvous, was re-recorded by Spike Jones in 1944 as a raucous, horn-honking, voice-gurgling, hiccuping hymn to the cocktail hour. The Jones version was a huge hit, much to the resentment of composer Sam Coslow.

As with all Spike Jones tunes, the performance was as key as the arrangement...


  1. I have not been by here in forever. I have missed so much, but I guess that is what archives are for right. I love this blog and will be by regularly I promise. A lot of, no most of what you have here brings back so many memories and the little things you have written just bring more reality to these great musical icons. Kudos!

  2. ettarose: Thanks ettarose, it's really a labour of love. I really enjoy looking back at my teens and 20s and revisiting what influenced me musically...and of course sharing it with folks like you! The 60s and 70s was such agreat time for rocknroll.