Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not Fade Away

In 1964, the Rolling Stones released their first album The Rolling Stones - England's Newest Hitmakers. The first cut on their first album was the Buddy Holly, aka Charles Hardin, hit Not Fade Away.

The song wasn't even on the earlier British version of the untitled album. Indeed, it was first released as a single with Nanker Phelge/Phil Spector penned Little by Little on the B-side in Britain and Lennon/McCartney's I Wanna Be your Man in the US and Canada. Unless you're a Stones fanatic you may not know Nanker Phelge was the name affixed to tunes written by all 5 Stones.

Not Fade Away was the Stones' first Top Five hit in the UK.

Most of the tracks on the album reflect the Stones affinity for American rhythm and blues, including tunes by Willie Dixon and Chuck Berry. Tell Me was the only Jagger/Richards song on the LP. Who knew that would change and these guys would still be rockin' 45 years later.


  1. The hardest working guys in rock 'n roll! I was amazed when their career hit 40 years, now....45 years! Very few can boast a successful career with such longevity.

  2. Me-Me: My favourite period is the early years with Brian Jones.