Thursday, October 8, 2009

Genesis - Part II

While on tour to promote The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway in the mid 70s, Peter Gabriel told his band mates he'd be leaving the group at the end of the tour. The band decided to carry on without him.

After auditioning over 400 lead singers to find a replacement, Genesis reached within and promoted drummer and back-up singer Phil Collins to take over lead singer duties. To help out on drumming duties the group engaged Yes and King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford for their 1976 tour, hiring former Weather Report and Zappa drummer Chester Thompson in 1977.
The four-man line-up's first album was A Trick of The Tail. Recorded in October and November of 1975 and released in February of 1976, the LP hit #3 in the UK and remained on the charts for 39 weeks - more popular than any Genesis album to date.

Entangled is a moody, melancholy track from Trick Of The Tail written by keyboardist Tony Banks and guitarist Steve Hackett marked by the jangling of several 12 string guitars and Bank's Mellotron. It's apparently Bank's favourite track on the album. Here's a live performance from 1976.

Hackett left Genesis in 1977. And then there were three...and have been ever since.


  1. Damn, 1976? Where has the time gone?

  2. Me-Me: And the hair. I laugh now when I see Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel!