Thursday, December 3, 2009

White Bird

It's A Beautiful Day formed in 1967 in San Francisco. They achieved moderate success but nowhere near the popularity of some of their "summer of love" contemporaries.

Their leader, David LaFlamme, had been a violin soloist with the Utah Symphony Orchestra

Their best known song, White Bird, comes from their self-titled initial album, released in 1969. And it demonstrates the group's unique approach to music, a catchy fusion of rock, jazz, folk and classical genres. The group split up in 1974.


  1. I think I had stumbled across this video before..

  2. Sorcerer: Oh, it's a gem. I love this song.

  3. i remember buying one of their albums and it had the coolest picture of a camel dreaming of riding in a car.

  4. I think it was their third album, Choice Quality Stuff/Anytime. Great group. Too bad they weren't around very long.