Thursday, December 17, 2009

Please Mr. Postman

Some might think it was originally performed by the Beatles in 1963 or by the Carpenters in 1975, but it was the girl group the Marvelettes who first had a hit with Please Mr. Postman in 1961. While there's some discrepancy over the writing credits for the tune, the one constant in the various versions include Brian Holland of Motown's hit-making team Holland-Dozier-Holland.

Legend has it that the instrumentation in the studio was provided by Motown session players known as the Funk Brothers, which included Marvin Gaye on drums.

The song put the Marvelettes on the charts and gave Motown it's first #1 hit, paving the way for their more popular successor, the Supremes.


  1. Yet, another song I still remember not only the lyrics, but the hand motions the backup singers use as well.

  2. Yeah, the choreography of these groups was quite something, wasn't it? I guess they needed something to do while they were lip-syncing!