Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Love Potion #9

The Searchers apparently took their name from the 1956 John Wayne film of the same name, directed by John Ford. The group formed in the late 50s and went through various line-ups before they achieved hit records in the 60s.

At one point they gave the Beatles a run for their money on the English pop charts and were the second Liverpool group after the fab four to chart a hit in the States with Needles and Pins in 1964.

Love Potion No. 9 was written by Leiber and Stoller and originally recorded by the Clovers in 1959. In 1965 The Searchers' version reached #3 in the States.


  1. I was 10 years old when this was released and I still remember all the words. My BFF and I choreographed this one...oh, boy...and I still remember all the steps and hand motions. Funny how music can make an impression and stick with you for 45 years.

  2. Me-Me: I know. I was 13 and me and my buddy were sitting in his basement smoking (cigarettes) and butting them out in an orange hanging ashtray as we spun a bunch of 45s. How's that for a snapshot!