Sunday, June 21, 2009

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

It's the first day of summer and for me a new beginning!

Welcome to dufusdownbeat and thanks for stopping by. This blog is an extension of nonamedufus, a humour blog and represnts a milestone in it's evolution. What began as primarily a photo and picture blog has pretty much morphed into written posts focussing on political and observational humour.

While I'm into both humour and music it was getting to the point where they didn't always co-exist. So the next logical step appeard to be the creation of a separate music blog and hopefully this will focus the other blog exclusively on humour. I hope you enjoy this approach and I look forward to your visits and your comments at both blogs. Feel free to add yourself to my followers widget, too.

At the outset and until I completely comprehend what I've gotten myself into with an additional blog, I'll try to stick to the following publishing schedule:

Monday - nonamedufus
Tuesday - dufusdownbeat 60s
Wednesday - nonamedufus
Thursday - dufusdownbeat 70s
Friday - nonamedufus

I'm sure there'll be additional posts during the week and on the weekends but a post a day, alternating between the two blogs sounds good for now as a minimum.

Wish me luck, and I hope you keep coming back. Thanks!

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